Caroline Stoddart

Caroline Stoddart - Castle Ward

Caroline Stoddart has lived in the heart of Castle for over 25 years. She knows and loves the history and community that make our area unique. 

Caroline first came to live in Castle as a student over 40 years ago as a student at New Hall (Murray Edwards) College.

After a career as an archaeologist and academic that took her around the world, she returned to to live in Castle 28 years ago to raise her children with her husband in Lansdowne Rd, where they still live.

Caroline has worked in various organisations, including English Heritage and the British Museum. She also has lectured in Adult Education and at Cambridge, Bristol and Queen’s Belfast Universities.

As a visiting professor and former fellow at Murray Edwards College, a volunteer co-ordinating deliveries to food banks during the pandemic, and a museum trustee, Caroline knows the importance of making sure everyone has a voice.

Caroline said, “Having seen our area grow and change over the past 40 years, I am passionate about the conservation of Cambridge’s heritage. As your Councillor, I will bring a wealth of experience. I will use this to aim to ensure our outstanding heritage is enhanced during the city’s rapid growth.”