Cllrs Tim Bick and Cheney Payne

Election Platform 2023

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have published below our platform for the elections to Cambridge City Council on May 4th, in which we are fielding candidates for all 16 seats across the city: 

Central to the Lib Dem platform is a vision for Cambridge, in which the party sets out five aspects of the city they are working towards.

Cllr Tim Bick, Lib Dem group leader, explains: 

“The regular cut and thrust of politics often obscures what type of community people are really fighting for. Decisions taken today need to be good ones on their own terms, but it’s also important they add up to something meaningful and coherent in the longer term. Necessary change happens from patterns of decisions over time.  We are setting out the kind of city Liberal Democrats are aiming for. 
“A belief in Cambridge as a proud global power for good, as a city which can evolve within the constraints of nature and history, which prizes the wellbeing of its citizens, lives lightly on the planet and fosters liberal values has resonance with most Cambridge people and is the basis for the city coming together. It implies an ongoing agenda of work which we embrace – because the city certainly isn’t there yet!

Lib Dem Deputy Leader and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Cllr Cheney Payne says:

“Amid the huge agenda that a vision like this suggests, we are making a number of commitments relating to decisions on the city’s table today. We propose to shape Cambridge’s future with care in preparing the new local plan; to ensure fair play for the tenants of the council’s existing housing while attention gravitates to the excitement of building new homes; we will avoid knee-jerk cutbacks like the current closure of some public toilets; with a new priority on anti-social behaviour we will reverse Labour’s cutback in enforcement officers and take action to deter midnight road racers.
“On the hotly debated transport plans developed by the GCP, while agreeing the need for action to reduce traffic and improve public transport, we won’t be supporting them as they stand without significant changes – mainly to increase flexibility for residents who, under current plans, will still find some journeys difficult without using their car, however much they switch to public transport where they can. We are committed to working across parties and with neighbouring councils to arrive at a scheme which is both fair and workable.” 

Our Election Platform for 2023