Cllr Olaf Hauk

My name is Olaf Hauk and I am a City Councillor for Trumpington.

It has been a great privilege to represent and work for Trumpington residents during my first year on the City Council. It has been a steep learning curve, and I am proud that even after this short time I can already point to a number of successes: Whether it is about getting a new bench to Bean Tree Green in Trumpington Meadows, helping residents to conserve the Barrow Road conservation area, informing residents about failing trees in the new developments, or campaigning to make Hobson Square the vibrant centre of the community that it should be - my work during my first year in my role have been hugely rewarding.

I have worked in Trumpington's Chaucer Road for over 20 years as a cognitive neuroscientist, and have lived in several parts of Cambridge during this time. I was born in Germany and am now a proud British and German citizen and European. I am a member of the trade union and environmental committees at my workplace and I regularly volunteer for a food bank. Cambridge is a famous place to learn, study and develop oneself, and we can benefit from the ideas of some of the brightest minds from all over the world. This also comes with great challenges to local communities, e.g. in terms of affordable housing, traffic and commuting, and the environmental impact of a growing population. Trumpington is a case in point as Cambridge's largest ward with several major recent housing developments. As a new councillor for the Liberal Democrats in Trumpington I am helping our community to solve its problems in a sustainable manner. Sustainable solutions to our biggest problems require a careful balance between creating versus distributing wealth, raising living standards versus environmental impact, and protecting society versus individual liberties. For me sustainable change can only come from the centre, and this is why I have chosen the Liberal Democrats. I look forward to continue working with the diverse Trumpington community for sustainable change. Please join me in this endeavour!